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This is an update on the Buckeye Main Street Coalition project at Benbow Veterans Park Alley.   The list of things to do for the alley are many but one of them is to design a super graphic mural for the back side of the Napa Auto Parts building.  The design story goes like this:

tool_02 tool_01 end_nipper

I shot some photos of the tool hooks inside Napa one day.  It was a sunny day and there was a caballero talking shop with the guys behind the counter.  The fluorescents were buzzing overhead and I scanned the walls for some kind of inspiration for the mural graphic.    The shapes behind the tools hooks were perfect, so I photographed enough wrenches, diagonals, and end nippers until I was satisfied.

Print   alley_06

Did I mention that before my daughter’s recent bat mitzvah I didn’t know how to use Adobe Illustrator?  I taught myself how to use the program and managed to do graphics for her western themed party. So I was ready to try working up the graphics for the Napa mural.  The cool thing about the Illustrator program is that once you draw the graphic you can enlarge it to building size and it won’t become pixelated and fuzzy.  It is a beautiful thing!  The graphic on the left is my end product.

The photo on the right is the alley with Napa Auto Parts building on the left. See the future mural?  The photo below is looking north into the entry to the Alley.  Currently, semis unload at the back of house of the Napa Auto Parts. See the garage door there in back of the trucks?  Ford is the official truck in Buckeye.

napa_bldg      DSC_0075

Here is the wall up close.  Mike, the owner of Napa has agreed to clean up the wall to get ready for the new mural. Bye bye basketball hoop and decayed letters.  I am thinking this mural will help his business by advertising what is inside.  Who would ever guess he has everything you would need for your auto inside this beige building.


This was the mural that inspired me.  This photo was taken from Metropolitan Lumber and Hardware in New York City a few years ago.  Do you want to see the Napa mural close up? Ok…wait just a minute.


Even if this was the mural it would look amazing.  Those thick profiles too…

Lara Serbin

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