“A small effort made towards completion of a much larger task”

What about Bob? (1991) Comedy staring Bill Murray.  (Movie Clip)

Dave Ramsey’s – “Baby steps into financial freedom”.  I need some of this.   “To make progress on something in small increments”


All around us, we see giants like Apple announcing $1.7 Billion in European projects or closer to home in Arizona $2 Billion over 10 years on a Data Center in Mesa. Tesla is building a battery plant costing upwards of $4 Billion.   I have to admit that I do salivate over working on a project for a client like Apple.  Apple, you can call me anytime you want.

The $2 Billion dollar data center is said to have ~150 employees once in operation with many people driving by without any clue really what goes on inside.  They are important facilities and do bring large amounts of revenue, but the impact on our immediate daily activities are directly minimal.  I suppose they do help our computers and phones search quicker, but just like turning on a light bulb, most of us don’t fully understand how the electricity comes from power station to that bulb.

I have worked on projects costing many millions of $ with large multi-billion dollar companies, so I know the drill.  The projects within these large facilities have a factor of speed and complexity which is very exciting.  Some are hush hush while others are news worthy.  But working on small projects has its complexities and gratification as well.  ITS LIKE PLANTING A SEED.

The large projects are like giants taking large steps, but what about those small projects which feel immaterial.

Those small projects are for some, BABY STEPS.  They can influence and have huge impacts upon its users and people who pass on by. 


In a smaller city, building projects may not take up an entire city block or involve Billions of dollars to complete, but those projects have a big impact because metaphorically, that ocean is much smaller and the fish appear only bigger.

Working on historical downtown revitalization projects feel like BABY STEPS.  For example, adding a dozen or so trees to a main street in Buckeye feels insignificant to many, but just wait until those trees mature and provide shade and beauty to downtown.  We have just planted a seed.

We have just planted another seed in Buckeye, the improvement to the facade at the Carniceria Taqueria or the landscape courtyard improvements at Millstone Cafe in Downtown Buckeye.  Yes these are small moves in the overall scheme of things, but think of the influences it will have on other business owners to update their properties after they see the success it has brought.  The seeds are only beginning to sprout.

Sometimes we all need to take BABY STEPS to get the momentum flowing in the right direction.

Jeff Serbin

Jeff Serbin is Vice President of Serbin Studio. His responsibilities include architectural design and project management. He coordinates the work of consultants and design team members, and is involved in design from concept through construction.

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