Touchless Technology in Architecture

Touchless Technology for Architecture has been around for many years. We have seen this technology show up in door hardware & bathroom fixtures. All this technology can change the way architecture is designed. In designing the built environment, Architects need to be aware of these technologies and ways to best implement them into the design. Prior to Covid affecting the way we thought about design, we didn’t dwell on these technologies. Installation of Touchless products were for convenience or where cost didn’t prohibit them. I always wondered why all bathrooms weren’t designed with motion censored items. I presume it mainly comes down to cost. However, now wee are starting to see products that are quickly being implemented. Below are a few simple products that can be added to a current design or retrofitted into an existing space.


For many years, public bathrooms had technology for touchless (motion activated) sinks and toilets. Even though available, I have still seen countless restrooms not utilizing them. I believe it will be more common place in the years to come. Below is a product I saw almost 20 years ago within a restroom in switzerland. Example – Brill Hygienic Products. No more worries about the paper seat cover blowing out from under you when you go to take a seat.

I also saw this seat cover in Switzerland which squeegee’s the seat after every use. Interesting concept if you want to sit down on the toilet seat directly.

Touchless sink faucet are prevolent throughout. However, below is one example of a product that washes your hand and dry’s them all in one place.


Now that we have used the bathroom and presumably wash your hands, who wants to touch the door. The newest solution I have seen for opening bathroom doors is the foot pull.

Its a pretty good idea, assuming the door is not too heavy. Its the simplest solution which could be added to any door. Another solution coming to market is the motionless door opener tied to a automatic door opener/ closer. The door opener has been around for many years but prior to Covid, not utilized most likely because of cost.


Water filling stations have been around for many years, but it is starting to show up in more locations as it avoids having to touch a drinking fountain and minimizes the one time use water bottle use.

Jeff Serbin

Jeff Serbin is Vice President of Serbin Studio. His responsibilities include architectural design and project management. He coordinates the work of consultants and design team members, and is involved in design from concept through construction.

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