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City of Buckeye downtown is growing and becoming more vibrant and a bit of art is on its way.  The Buckeye Mainstreet Coalition is working on a project to incorporate art to the Historic Downtown.  The art also incorporates trash receptacles.  We have seen adding trash receptacles has cleaned up areas of the downtown as evident at Benbow Park.   The sculptures are located along Monroe near 6th street.

With the collaboration of many folks, Charlene Powers of Powers Leavitt Insurance, a longtime resident, local business owner and Buckeye Coalition Board Member for the initial concept, Lara Serbin of Serbin Studio, Design Chair for the Buckeye Coalition, for the design, detailing, permitting and project coordination.   Hondo Jimenez from the Buckeye Union High School to assist on constructability and ultimately fabrication and installation of the steel sculptures using local High School talent.  The local corrections facility for the design and fabrication of the trash receptacles. The City of Buckeye for providing a portion of the funding through the Economic Development Catalyst Grant Program.

The project consists of 4 sculptures of varying sizes and colors.  They are constructed of 3/8″ thick steel.  Portions will be allowed to have a rust patina finish while other pieces will be powder coated.  They will be permanently anchored into new concrete footings around city sidewalks.


The largest piece is a tractor to symbolize the influence of farming upon the local community.  A great photo opportunity is coming so get your cameras ready.  It will stand over 8′ tall and have a powder coated green finish to reflect the influence of John Deere tractors.

Buckeye Public Art Tractor

Buckeye Public Art Tractor


If you have been to a Buckeye Rodeo, you will have seen the NASCAR of horse racing.  Women race around barrels on horseback as fast as the equine can take them without knocking the barrel’s over.  This sculpture symbolizes a cowgirl racing around City Hall and incorporates the City of Buckeye ‘Orange’ into the sculpture.

Buckeye Public Art Barrel Racer

Buckeye Public Art Barrel Racer


At rodeo’s and farms across Buckeye, roping can be seen to round up the stray cattle upon the ranch.  This sculpture symbolizes the work of the cowboy wrangling up the trash in Downtown Buckeye.

Buckeye Public Art Roper

Buckeye Public Art Roper


Cotton has been grown in the Buckeye Valley since the early 1900’s.  This cotton boll, yet larger than life, symbolizes this important industry which helped put Buckeye on the map.

Buckeye Public Art Cotton Boll

Buckeye Public Art Cotton Boll

This project is just the beginning for more art to be interwoven into the Historic Buckeye fabric.  The project is to be completed by early summer of 2016.

Jeff Serbin

Jeff Serbin is Vice President of Serbin Studio. His responsibilities include architectural design and project management. He coordinates the work of consultants and design team members, and is involved in design from concept through construction.

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2 responses to “Buckeye Public Art”

  1. Marcia Veidmark says:

    Beautiful, functional and very creative!!
    Congratulations Serbin Studios.

  2. Jeff Serbin says:

    thanks. Was fun to be part of something like this.