Elevator improvements

Riding in the elevator shown below (Prior to the remodel) was quite uneventful.  Maintenance was an issue as well.

original elevator cab

original elevator cab

To make the elevator enjoyable for everyone, whether you just want to get to your designated floor safely in a modernized elevator cab or enjoy your time going up and down and relive your childhood, Serbin Studio, VTX and Brignall Construction have updated and modernized  the City of Phoenix Elevator servicing the City of Phoenix Transit Department.

The Elevator was over 30 years old and in need of an uplift to the inner workings (motors, machine room, control center etc.).  In the meantime, the elements which you and I see, the elevator cab was also in need of some new finishes.  The original elevator cab was like an old Lawyer’s office from the 80’s.  I know the 80’s are making a comeback, but hopefully nothing like the existing cab look.

Here is the original sketch and the end result.  Sometimes a sketch can make things look better than the real thing, but I must say the real thing looks and feels great.


New Elevator Cab

New Elevator Cab

We brought in new finishes and a little bling, stainless steel and shiny mirrors which make the elevator look bigger and modern.  So far, one elevator complete and 3 to go in this exciting renovation.


Jeff Serbin

Jeff Serbin is Vice President of Serbin Studio. His responsibilities include architectural design and project management. He coordinates the work of consultants and design team members, and is involved in design from concept through construction.

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