New Brochure for Buckeye Main Street Coalition

There I was watching our final brochure getting printed out at lightening speed today.  This brochure is the second try at coming up with a brochure for Buckeye Main Street Coalition.  We are a group that volunteers our time to make Down Town Historic Buckeye look better. We want new and current businesses to thrive on Buckeye Main Street.


This is a big ass printer at a place called in downtown Phoenix.  Shelly Butler, with Forms Management is a Buckeye girl who helped us find the right place to print this vertical accordian style double sided brochure.  The place was on Grand Avenue and 27th Avenue which is pretty industrial place. So I found out that Grand Avenue really has an end point today. It ends at Indian School Road.  Now you can all sleep.


Everything looked so sharp and the colors were really deep.  I did notice the sky could have been blended a bit better because the cowboy photo was not quite tall enough. So only you and I know. Next printing I guess. No one will care except for me.  Even the horse hair is so crazy sharp.



So one side has photos of fun things to do in Buckeye like go to a demolition derby, get a burger at Cafe 25:35, go to a car show, buy some jeans at Saba’s Western Store and have 99 cent tacos at La Placita Cafe.  Then on the flip side is the map with location dots.  We tried to squeeze everyone on there.  If you are not on there just call me up and we will put you on there for the next printing.

There are so many printing options.  I think as being the graphic designer it helps to go and watch how it is actually printed. By visiting a print house it is a great way to learn about new finishes, colors and formats.  There were so many exciting projects going on at once at Lithotech today.  There is a lot that happens behind the scenes.  It is isn’t as easy as design a brochure and poof it magically appears at your doorstep as a folded brochure.  There are many steps to the finished product.  Right now our brochure is probably waiting to get the bleeded edges cut off and then folded.

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