Historic Buckeye Tin Shop: Facade Upgrade

Alice Dryer Insurance Building is a project Serbin Studio has been working on for the last year.  If you read last weeks post I talked about the alley improvements along the Benbow Veterans Park.  See the big green mesquite tree in the before and after photos, well that is where the Benbow Park is and the alley as well.  This is the epicenter of revitalization all the result of Buckeye Main Street Coalition steadfast commitment to change.

2012_039-exterior-after-03   2012_039-exterior sketch03.psd

So what do you think of the dusty teal?  The photo to the right is what Alice’s current building looks like. She has occupied this building for the last 36 years and is ready to clean up the look.  If you can see Levi’s Absolute Screen building a little further down, it is a denim blue color.  Brick on the San Linda Hotel on the far corner, blue denim on Levi’s building, brick on Café 24:35 and then dusty teal on Alice’s building.  Rhythm.   I can’t wait for construction on this project!


Many piles of cardboard and glue were the result of me coming up with alternative ideas to improve the façade but at the end of the day I kept it simple just like the original Buckeye Tin Shop of 1900’s Buckeye.  The Tin Shop later evolved into grocery, bath house and audio shop.  In the 30’s an addition was built on the east end for a slim burger joint called Joe’s Eats.  The remains of the bar stools are still there in the floor today. Ann McArthur who works with Alice can remember sitting on those bar stools watching the flow of a sweaty cook hashing out patties for a Buckeye lunch rush. The Wimpy from Popeye graphic is still on the interior bearing wall with the famous saying, “I will gladly pay Tuesday for a hamburger today!”

sitemap_overall  sitemap_enlarge

Special thank you to Buckeye Mayor Meck, Council members and Buckeye Main Street Coalition for making this project a reality.

Lara Serbin

Lara Serbin is the founder of Serbin Studio. She has had continuous involvement in the design and construction industry since 1995, and worked in all phases of project management, programming, design, and construction administration. Lara has particular interest in conceptual design with respect to cost efficiency and energy conservation.

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