Do you Give a Hoot?

Have you heard the term “He is a wise old owl?”  You can find many wise owls at Wickenburg’s local senior center, Wise Owl Senior Center, located just south of the Santa Fe Railroad tracks.  It’s facility was founded in 1979 and has been wisely used over the years.


The existing 6,500 square foot facility has seen many card games (hopefully no strip poker), bingo games (I22), musical bands (I heard the Grateful Dead played there), billiard games (part of Color of Money was filmed there) that have been played in its facility over the years.  The center has outgrown its use and the Foundation for Senior Living who operate it, are looking to revitalize the establishment, once it can gather enough gold nuggets from the local mines in and around Wickenburg within its talons.


Serbin Studio first task was a ‘programming session’ or fact gathering, working with the facility managers and users to get a grasp on how the facility operates within the existing building and how it operates.  The current building lies outside the historic downtown core of Wickenburg and is camouflaged, like an owl, into the surrounding neighborhoods.  Like an Owl who can turn its head as much as 270 degrees, Serbin Studio took its design a step further and designed a facility which looks a full 360 degrees.

The design is two stories and 14,000+ square feet, reflecting on the historic fabric of Wickenburg which is influenced by many things: mining, railroad and the ranch lifestyle.  As an owl flys silently, the building pleasantly surprise its users once they step foot into the private courtyard.  It’s amenities include a full service Dining Room and associated Kitchen and food distribution on its first floor.  The second floor contains meeting rooms, a game room, computer center to email the grandchildren, offices and conference rooms to manage all the programs they offer.  The second floor also offers and outdoor patio with views to the local mountain ranges so you can keep your eyes on those claims you may have in them mountains.   It’s also a great place to watch the summer monsoon’s roll in from the North.


The project is only in the conceptual phases, however we hope the design will provide momentum to allow the facility to expand.


Jeff Serbin

Jeff Serbin is Vice President of Serbin Studio. His responsibilities include architectural design and project management. He coordinates the work of consultants and design team members, and is involved in design from concept through construction.

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