Community Service in Buckeye, Arizona

Demolition derby is once again upon us in Buckeye, Arizona.  The event is this Saturday Nov 22 at 7 pm.   This event has been part of Buckeye for over the past 20+ years.  As the contestants are getting their vehicles ready to mash them up and put another notch in their fan belt, members of the Buckeye Rotary and Buckeye Main Street Coalition were prettying up the beer both that resides at the Helzapoppin Rodeo Arena.


Besides sitting in the sun and painting a beer booth (The ironic thing is I don’t even drink beer) for an entire day reminiscing about Ralph Macchio in the Karate Kid, what did I gain from this experience?

Community involvement is definetely a fun and awarding way to work along people in your community.  Usually work meetings come and go and topics are mainly business and politics, but sharing the day with others while working on something collectively that improves your City makes you even more proud of where you live.  What other City can you go to an event and Mayor Meck calls you by name.

Way to go Jay Broadbent

Way to go Jay Broadbent with Powers Leavitt Insurance

Remaking of the steps

Remaking of the steps, Dave,Austin and Candi Rioux with Buckeye Plumbing

Lara Serbin painting the pickets

Lara Serbin painting the pickets

Taking a break to have some fun!

Lily Serbin Taking a break to have some fun!

Charlene Powers painting the wood planking

Charlene Hopkins Broadbent of Powers Leavitt Insurance,  painting the wood planking

Jeff Serbin getting a bit too detailed

Jeff Serbin getting a bit too detailed

The beer booth, an attraction for the demolition derby, known for raising College scholarship funds by the Buckeye Rotary Club by selling beer, looked like it had gone through its own derby and was in need of some TLC.  Years of weathered siding  was re-branded like a cow.

So apropo!

So apropo!  Thanks Ron Noble from Buckeye Feed and Country Store  for making a great door

Beer booth before

Beer booth before

Did you know, the rodeo is coming back to the Helzapoppin’ Arena in January 2015 so get your irons out.  We don’t want any stray cows running through downtown Buckeye, except for the Parade organized by the Buckeye Main Street Coalition on Monroe Avenue that occurs during that afternoon.

Through months of planning, working closely with the Buckye Rotary, we came up with some enhancements to make the Saloon a bit more attractive.  With a reality check of budget and constructability issues, we begin our fury of work this weekend.

Beer Booth concept, now the "Saloon"

Beer Booth concept, now the “Saloon”

One thing we learned was that 7 gallons of paint can be your best friend, if slowly applied and well brushed.  Some of us tackled the inside with new lighting and power and others tackled the outside.  Thanks to a local artist, Ron Clarke, the beer booth was re-branded as a “Saloon”.

Saloon.  Anyone have some horns we can mount on top?

Saloon. Anyone have some horns we can mount on top?  Let Lara know.

Over time we will be adding further elements to make this unique to Buckeye, Arizona.  Now all of you will know where to go before and after the derby to say hello to all the Buckeye Rotarian’s serving up some nice cold ones.

After attending the event, it was an eye opener to see all that attended and to witness the activity around the Saloon.  It just goes to show that clear signage is important to people know what you may be doing, which in this case was selling beer.  All proceeds from this Rotary event go to a B.U.H.S. Scholarship fund.  That is Buckeye Union High School Folks.

Beer both 'almost' after

Beer booth After

Night of the Demolition Derby November 22, 2014

Night of the Demolition Derby November 22, 2014

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