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Jeff Serbin is Vice President of Serbin Studio. His responsibilities include architectural design and project management. He coordinates the work of consultants and design team members, and is involved in design from concept through construction.


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First Responders Memorial Plaza

10 Jul 2015 in Architectural Planning&Architecture&Blog&Collaboration&Commercial Architecture&Graphics&Interiors&Planning&Uncategorized

Shortly after June 2013, we received a call from the homeowner’s association at Riata West.  They had just witnessed a tragedy that occurred in Yarnell where 19Granite Mountain Hot Shots died while fighting a forest fire.   About a year later,Serbin Studio Inc. began working on the design for the monument which essentially was what we call Continue Reading

Tenant Improvements

20 Mar 2015 in Architectural Planning&Architecture&Blog&Collaboration&Commercial Architecture&Interiors&Planning&Uncategorized

You are either looking or just leased a space or own an existing building and have a few changes you want to make.  The first step is to hire a design professional who can make your project successful.  Whether it’s relocating a few interior walls, a complete renovation to the facade, a major improvement to Continue Reading


26 Feb 2015 in Architectural Planning&Architecture&Blog&Collaboration&Commercial Architecture&Graphics&Interiors&Planning&Uncategorized

“A small effort made towards completion of a much larger task” What about Bob? (1991) Comedy staring Bill Murray.  (Movie Clip) Dave Ramsey’s – “Baby steps into financial freedom”.  I need some of this. UrbanDictionary.com   “To make progress on something in small increments” ONE GIANT LEAP FOR MANKIND All around us, we see giants Continue Reading

Carniceria Y Taqueria Durango Renovation

24 Feb 2015 in Architectural Planning&Architecture&Blog&Collaboration&Commercial Architecture&Graphics&Interiors&Planning&Uncategorized

On January 1, 2014 the Town of Buckeye in Western Maricopa County became a City.  Over a year has come and gone and becoming a City is a big responsibility and the residences in Buckeye are stepping up to the challenge.  Late last year, the City of Buckeye provided a Grant (catalyst) to assist business Continue Reading

Community Service in Buckeye, Arizona

18 Nov 2014 in Architectural Planning&Architecture&Blog&Collaboration&Commercial Architecture&Graphics&Interiors&Planning&Uncategorized

Demolition derby is once again upon us in Buckeye, Arizona.  The event is this Saturday Nov 22 at 7 pm.   This event has been part of Buckeye for over the past 20+ years.  As the contestants are getting their vehicles ready to mash them up and put another notch in their fan belt, members Continue Reading

Serbin Studio Team

Under Promise, Over Deliver

16 Oct 2014 in Architectural Planning&Architecture&Blog&Collaboration&Planning&Uncategorized

Design and construction is a lengthy process not understood by many.  From my experience, the typical client wants to occupy a space faster than what is feasible.  I am a realist when it comes to project schedules and typically that may not be what the client wants to hear who has an un-realistic goal.  I Continue Reading

Buckeye Valley Museum

30 Sep 2014 in Architectural Planning&Architecture&Blog&Collaboration&Commercial Architecture&Uncategorized

A few months ago, Serbin Studio was approached by the Buckeye Valley Historical Society with an architectural challenge.  A conceptual design for the exterior of the existing ‘Buckeye Valley Museum’ so that the architecture reflects their mission, ‘To bring a better understanding and appreciation of the history and cultural significance of Buckeye Valley’. The building today lightly Continue Reading

What’s your app?

10 Jun 2014 in Blog&Uncategorized

There have been thousands of apps created.   What Apps are useful that can enhance our lives and not just waste your time.  I suppose it comes down to personal preference.  I have listed the top 10 App’s I use on daily or weekly basis on my smart device or computer. What’s your favorite APP? Continue Reading


14 May 2014 in Architectural Planning&Architecture&Blog&Graphics&Planning&Uncategorized

As architects, our virtual world we design eventually becomes a reality.  At least that is what our intentions are when designing the built environment (buildings).  We have many numerous tools, such as  complex computer programs like REVIT, a 3dimensional modeling program more difficult to fly than a 777 Boeing airplane  OR   Sketchup, equivalent to hopping Continue Reading


06 May 2014 in Architectural Planning&Architecture&Blog&Graphics&Uncategorized

Architects depend on presentation to convey their ideas to their clients.  Presentations come in many facets, from hand drawn images on paper, computer generated drawings shown on a screen and physical models. THE VIRTUAL WORLD But what we really want is virtual reality to go places that are developed in our minds yet not here. Continue Reading