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Jeff Serbin is Vice President of Serbin Studio. His responsibilities include architectural design and project management. He coordinates the work of consultants and design team members, and is involved in design from concept through construction.


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Conference room designed by Serbin Studio Inc

Office Architecture in Arizona

12 Jul 2018 in architect in Arizona&Architecture&Blog&Commercial Architecture&Interiors&office architecture&office design arizona&office improvement&phoenix architects&Planning&Uncategorized

Office Architecture in Arizona When finding an office Architecture in Arizona for rent within existing real estate, some research should be completed before signing a lease.   Relying on a Realtor may not provide you with the full spectrum of issues regarding your office improvements.    If you are making modifications and doing a tenant improvement, hiring Continue Reading

Architect in Arizona

Finding an Architect in Arizona

09 Jul 2018 in architect in Arizona&Architectural Planning&Architecture&Blog&Collaboration&phoenix architects&Planning&Uncategorized

Looking for an Architect in Arizona? Finding an architect in Arizona is similar to searching for a good auto mechanic, a veterinarian, a butcher, a banker, etc.  Most of the time it is word of mouth if you have someone you can trust.  When hiring most services, your relationship with the company or person is Continue Reading

Data Center Design – Architecture and Renovations

19 Jun 2018 in Architectural Planning&Architecture&Blog&Cloud Computing&colocation&Colocation Data Center&Commercial Architecture&data center&Data Center Design&Data Hall&Interiors&Planning&Uncategorized

Renovation of Data Center buildings Since, 2004, or the past 15 years, Serbin Studio has been re-designing Data center buildings in Arizona.   As computer storage and computing continues to grow due to new technologies, buildings are requiring more data storage.  Since 2004, data hungry companies have been adding to the required storage on the web, Continue Reading

Buckeye Public Art – Round 2

15 Jun 2018 in Blog&Collaboration&Graphics&phoenix architects&public art&sculpture&Uncategorized

Frequently, Serbin Studio gets pulled away from the design of commercial building to design Public art.  Whether designing a building or a sculpture, a similar process is involved.   Conceptual design of various renditions are created for the Buckeye Main Street Coalition (entity in charge of creating the art), once a direction is selected, construction documentation Continue Reading

Data Center Architectural Firm in Arizona

25 Apr 2018 in Architecture&Blog&colocation&Colocation Data Center&data center&Data Center Design&Data Center Design firms&Data Hall&Interiors&phoenix architects&Uncategorized

Data center’s are used to house computers which store information. The information is stored away for ongoing importing and exporting of information, long term safekeeping and storage for future retrieval. Because the majority of this information is “for your eyes only”, the environment has to be secure from others and available to you whenever you desire Continue Reading

Office Improvements Arizona

23 Apr 2018 in Architectural Planning&Architecture&Blog&Commercial Architecture&data center&Interiors&office design arizona&office improvement&phoenix architects&Planning

As buildings age, there are many factors which may spark the need for an office improvement.  If you have a feeling that the space could be better utilized or that the finishes create a underwhelming environment, it may be time to update your offices to create a more productive and exciting place to work. If Continue Reading

Liquor Corral in Buckeye, Arizona

26 Aug 2016 in Architectural Planning&Architecture&Blog&Commercial Architecture&phoenix architects&Uncategorized

The Liquor Corral is nearing its completion of the renovation process.  We are just completing the final details.  From the initial design concept to the final product, it has maintained its vision. Located in the heart of downtown Buckeye ‘Historical district’, the original building was essentially a prefabricated metal building, with an entry reflective of Continue Reading

Do I need an elevator?

Elevator improvements

19 Apr 2016 in Architecture&Blog&Collaboration&Commercial Architecture&Interiors&Uncategorized

Riding in the elevator shown below (Prior to the remodel) was quite uneventful.  Maintenance was an issue as well. To make the elevator enjoyable for everyone, whether you just want to get to your designated floor safely in a modernized elevator cab or enjoy your time going up and down and relive your childhood, Serbin Continue Reading

Liquor Corral, Buckeye, Arizona

17 Mar 2016 in Architectural Planning&Architecture&Blog&Commercial Architecture&phoenix architects

The Liquor Corral, a business in Historic Downtown Buckeye, is revitalizing the façade to bring new life to a building which contains a thriving business, yet a tired exterior appearance.     The original building is your typical standard metal structure you may see on surrounding properties throughout Buckeye.  Years ago, a covered wood porch Continue Reading

Buckeye Public Art

09 Mar 2016 in Architecture&Blog&Graphics&Uncategorized

City of Buckeye downtown is growing and becoming more vibrant and a bit of art is on its way.  The Buckeye Mainstreet Coalition is working on a project to incorporate art to the Historic Downtown.  The art also incorporates trash receptacles.  We have seen adding trash receptacles has cleaned up areas of the downtown as Continue Reading